Wow thats cold; kleenkanteen review

kidkanteenreview  I always have 1 of 2 beverages in my hand; a super chilled lemon water or a big o’ cup of coffee. Due to that, I’ve gone through my fair share of water bottles and coffee mugs, but I am always game for trying out a new one. I love finding products that actually work & will keep my drinks hot/cold and most importantly, not all over my lap! So, I was excited to have the opportunity to have my daughter test out the kidskanteen by KleanKanteen.

Before I give my review, lemme tell you I’ve worked in marketing for over 8 years, which means I’ve received ALOT of product samples from seemingly 1000 companies. Honestly, I don’t know what the commission is on a $3 pen, but it must be like 70% by the way the reps hounded me to PLEASE BUY THE PEN (or the bag, mousepad, novelty frame, keychain, plastic jankiness that I never needed etc). My point in telling you this isn’t to dog the reps (heck I respect them for their tenacity, I’d get too tired after a few tries!) but it’s to let you know I’ve tested a ton of products in the past.

But I digress, I was sent a kidskanteen from KleanKanteen a little over a month ago & I was genuinely excited to try it. When I got it out of the package, my daughter instantly thought it was cool because, for starters, it’s a canteen and she just thought that was pretty sweet but it also looks like what I use so she feels all ‘grown up’, plus it comes with a spout that she can successfully open & shut herself like 100 times in a row.  Needless to say her thoughts were positive, so postiive in fact that every time I get it out she says “Ring a ding-ding, there’s my kanteen”. yea, we’re that family; what won’t we put into a jingle or a rhyme? (the answer, nothing)

My 2 cents:

Here’s the deal with kids cups; alot of them are frustrating. I can’t tell you how many we’ve gone through at our house because we lose the lids, the bottom is too big for the cupholder, it’s junk etc etc. Thankfully, the kidkanteen didn’t have these issues & my thoughts on it are almost all positive.

Here are my fav things about it:

  • It’s durable: she can’t break it…hallelujah!!!
  • The lid: it’s a screw top so the top won’t just pop off & spill the contents all over the place!!! They get a bonus point for that one. It also has a spout top, which makes it really easy to get a drink  (and frankly entertaining for a 3-year old to use)
  • Materials: It’s stainless steel and BPA free, so I feel confident in her using this on a regular basis. (Don’t know about BPA, do a little research, you don’t wanna be drinking out of products made with it)
  • Stays SUPER cold for a long time; when I put ice in it, that thing will last forever, even on road trips. That is SUCH a benefit!


Around $17
This is more than I would typically pay for a kids cup, however, I don’t really consider this a cup. Knowing me, I’d try my best to find a coupon code for it first but I would still pay that amount for this because it’s a quality bottle that is really durable & keeps their drinks cold for a long time (think zoo, road trips etc).
Where to buy? Direct from their site, Amazon or just google them.

Actually the only thing I noticed that was a minor issue was how cold it gets if you put alot of ice in there. The outside will get really cold when filled with ice & she didn’t want to hold it due to the cold. I temporarily just wrapped a paper towel around the outside but next time, I didn’t go so crazy with the cubes.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this product. It met up to it’s claims, my daughter really likes it & for me, it’s nice to have something she can use daily that actually works!

I give it a thumbs up, the KleanKanteen is “cool” with me.

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