WOW Revamped Desk without sanding or priming

“From Busted to Beautiful” This is a tale of an old, damaged desk destined for the dumpster that was brought back to life using Reclaim Beyond Paint without having to be sanded or primed first, it was just painted!

I recently made the transition from working full time at an office to freelancing from home, which means I needed my own working space (aka a Momcave). I am no stranger to turning someone elses trash into my treasure & this is no exception. This flip, however, was much easier because there wasn’t any prep work, I literally just repainted it.

I LOVE repurposing items, especially if the “bones” are good. Sure, I could go out & buy a brand new desk but a nice one would set be back a few hundred bucks. I could go the cheap route but in my experience, cheap furniture doesn’t hold up…at least not in my house. This desk was given to me by someone who didn’t want it & the price of this desk was perfect; FREE. Sure, it has seen much prettier days but it was very sturdy & I could see it’s potential if it was revamped. (Check out my full video review at the bottom!)  IMG_0873 IMG_0869 This is what the desk looked like before it was painted using Reclaim Beyond Paint.  The desk was all dinged up, chipped and had paint & water stains on the top


For this project, I was sent the Reclaim Beyond Paint Kit from the company to test and review  and I’ll be outlining my honest option of this product. Next to each bullet point below, I’ve listed if it did what it claims.

What is Reclaim Beyond Paint? (via their website)

RECLAIM your cabinets, furniture, countertops and accessories and almost any surface with this all-in-one bonder/primer/finisher that cures to a durable, washable surface in just one or two coats. Application is foolproof and the result is a beautiful, professional finish that will transform your home. No Sanding, Stripping, or Priming required!

  • Specifically engineered to work indoor or outdoors (use multi-purpose sealer to seal outdoor projects, countertop surfaces or to add extraordinary durability to any RECLAIM surface) (Haven’t tried on outdoor project,  can’t vouch for it yet) 
  • Slightly textured to eliminate brush marks, provide a finish that conceals imperfections. (True-there is a light texture and it does help conceal dings etc) 
  • Has more pigment for better coverage (It does cover really well, very thick paint) 
  • Contains very fine colorant to avoid fading and allow UV stability (i.e it won’t fade in the sun!)  (Just finished project, no way to test fading yet) 
  • Eco Friendly- Low VOC, water based and little noticeable odor making it safe for people and pets. (True-very faint smell) 
  • Making sure your surface is clean, dry, grease and oil free is the only prep work needed before you begin! (True-I only had to clean the desk, no prepping required) 

All of the benefits sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait to paint. So, I put this to the test, I did NOT sand or prime this busted up desk, I just wiped it off and got to painting. For this review, I’ll breakdown my initial thoughts of the product, how it works & what I thought of it.

The Paint Particulars:


It is REALLY thick. I don’t wanna go making you hungry, but it looked like a vanilla milkshake  (the good kind!) and it’s definitely thicker than regular paint. Once I started using it, I realized this thick consistency covered really well, even after my first coat.


First Coat:

I painted the edges of the desk first and filled in the cracks and dings using the provided brush. The thickness of this paint really started to fill in & cover all of it’s imperfections on the first round. I don’t have the most delicate painting technique so my brushstrokes & roller strokes were slightly noticeable initially, but I corrected that in my final coats & the strokes were no longer noticeable.

For this particular piece, with all of its issues, it needed more than one coat.  I started the 1st coat early evening and let it dry overnight before starting on the second coat. If you were to do this all in 1 day, I’d advise waiting a couple hours between coats.

IMG_0890 I started by painting the edges first

IMG_2586 When I talked about it being dinged up, this is a close up to show you how bad the legs were & what it looked like as I was applying the first coat.



As stated by the company, this paint does have a slight texture to it. In the photos above, on the drawer you can see the texture right after I painted it, while still wet. On the front of the desk, on the detailed area on front, you can see what it looks like when dry which is much less apparent. After all three coats were dry, there is still a  bit of the texture when looking closely, though it wasn’t obvious at all to me from a distance.

Final Coats

The Quart of Reclaim Paint was the perfect amount for this desk; I painted it a total of 3 times and still had a little left over. Three coats worked perfectly; it was able to seal in those small dings, cover up all of the stains & seal the areas that were chipped off.

IMG_0907 Price:

The cost of the kit that I used is $70 on their website. The paint itself it also available at Home Depot, Amazon and HSN. (Note: I saw that on amazon the paint is $49)

Reclaim Paint -Quart (color) BRIGHT WHITE – Cabinet or Furniture Paint /Now You Can Reclaim Almost Any Surface with This Combination Primer/finish/sealer Formula That Cures to a Durable, Washable Surface in Just One or Two Coats (affiliate link)

While $50-$70 is more than your average paint cost, this paint wasn’t average in performance. I didn’t have to sand or prime it; I just painted it. It also had superior coverage to some of the other paints I have used on other flips as it covered up all of the discoloration and concealed the imperfections really well. So, I was able to justify paying more so that this piece could be successfully transformed and stand the test of time.


Final Look:

This is my desk after using Reclaim Beyond Paint; I can’t believe how much better it looks, I really love it. This paint really did what it claims; it covers, conceals and can beautify seemingly anything from furniture to cabinets. I’m definitely sold on this & have already been thinking of what else I can flip for the future!


Since the desk itself is white, I wanted to add a pop of color, so I decoupaged thick scrapbook paper to the inside. I also used some of this same scrapbook paper as artwork in my wall gallery above my desk, which is shown below. I also spray painted the dingy hardware silver to make them look good as new.

bedroomofficefinal This is my new bedroom office; with the desk being the centerpiece. I have an eclectic style and honestly, don’t follow any rules. I created a really inexpensive wall gallery with photos of my family, paintings and scrapbook paper using my DIY Photo Canvas technique. I created this office space for almost nothing (in comparision to buying everything) by repainting furniture, creating my own artwork and reusing things I already had.

What’s Next?

  • Detailed Bedroom Office post on how I created this office, what I used, where I found my items (and where you can look for them) and more.

This is really a Cinderella story for my desk; from dumpster bound to being makeover to live in my mom cave; does that make me the fairy godmother? ;)

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