Unique Valentines Day gift and it’s less than $10

vdayjarMomasaurus If you want to surprise your significant other for Valentines Day & make them feel great all year long, then you gotta try this! It’s a jar that you can fill with all kinds of sweet notes that they can pick out to read whenever they want. I made one of these for my husband a year ago and I still find him picking out a scroll, reading it and smiling…sometimes laughing depending on what I put in there. A “love jar” like this is truly unique & you can pretty much guarantee they’ve never received one before.

So what do you put in this jar? It can be as simple as writing down sweet little notes to them; what you love about them, memories you’ve shared together, lyrics to songs, nicknames important dates and my personal favorite…jokes & puns. I’m actually NOT a lovey dovey person, I feel much more comfortable throwing out a high five than I do hugging BUT I also know it’s important for me to tell those I care about how I feel.  I mean, when you’re having a bad day who doesn’t want to read a scroll that either says something awesome about you or, worst case, has a cat on it?

I LOVE this DIY because it’s truly one of a kind, no one else is going to write or share the same things that you will; it’s a great keepsake. It also is very cost effective: for all of the supplies, I spent less than $10 and I could actually make a ton of things with the leftover supplies. Sold yet? Let me share how you put this together

Here are the supplies you need:


  • Jar (any size you want)
  • Paper and/or printed notes, jokes etc (I share more on that later) 
  • Foam Heart Stickers (pack of 100 only $1 at Dollar Tree!) 
  • Clear, Mini Rubber Bands (pack of 500 only $1 at Dollar Tree) 
  • Pen
  • Scissors

The easiest way to follow this DIY is to watch the video. It’s just over a minute long & I demo how to put this all together. That being said, I’ll also share the individual steps below


  • Cut several strips of paper (I actually cut them in half so they aren’t as long)
  • Use strips to write your love notes
  • You can also find a ton of lovey or funny printables, cards and art on Pinterest. I printed several of them and included them in the jar; they add some variety and spunk.
  • Just roll up the paper & secure with the band
  • Apply adhesive hearts to the front, i picked a large & medium heart
  • THAT’S IT…for reals.

scrolls Here are some of the fun things I like to add and I’ve noticed my husband enjoys the randomness of them:

this is a simple and  sweet printable via HoneybeeVintage

poster 4

I LOVE a good funny card (more puns please!) This one is via HelloLucky

Hello!Lucky_Valentines_big_fan You can add lyrics to songs; whether its YOUR song or just something you both love ed I truly loved giving this gift. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not the best at expressing how I feel, so this was a way that I could do that…without all the extreme mush and it did the trick of making my husband feel good all year long.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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