Universal Sock Locks-Product Review

One thing that drives me cra-cra is when I lose a sock and then I have a bunch of orphan socks laying around just waiting on their mate…who never returns. This is one problem that I don’t have a workaround for, but luckily there is a product out there that can keep your socks together; they’re called Universal Sock Locks. I was sent a pack of these to test and I happily did-I really need a solution to this problem.  So here are my 2 cents about this product:

socklock Price: $4.59 for a pack of 10

They’re pretty easy to use, you just put the end of the sock through the hole & it holds the sock in place. I tried these on a variety of socks, mine, my toddlers and my husbands to see how they’d work for a variety of sock sizes.  Honestly, I kinda expected one of the socks to come out of the sock lock since my washing machine is like a tilt-a-whirl for clothes, but they didn’t. The socks made it through both the washer & the dryer and I had every pair together-yea! The only downside, and it’s a small one, is that it was harder to fit large socks (mens athletic socks in particular) through the opening. It was super easy for all of my socks & my kiddos, but my husbands socks took a little more effort to get through the small opening, but they made it.  In summary, this product does work and I think the price is fair, especially since you won’t have to go out and buy another 6 pack of socks to replace the ones that are still MIA.

Now, for those orphan socks that don’t have a chance of finding their mate, I have a pooch project that calls for a sock; it’s a really easy DIY Dog Toy 

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