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JordWatchDelmar Each holiday season, I find myself trying to find something new and fresh to give my husband. What do I get for someone who has everything? I mean, after all I am his wife, so…yea kinda already living the dream (I’m kidding!) But in all seriousness, I was a bit stumped this year trying to find something that he’d love; I really wanted to find a gift that would make him feel good, something he wouldn’t buy for himself; something special.
Early this fall, I learned about a unique watch company,  Jord Watches, while browsing through LinkedIn. I hadn’t heard of them before, so I instantly went to their website and was intrigued to say the least because their watches are made of wood! Prior to learning about them, I didn’t even know watches were made out of wood, I only have the typical metal watches that everyone else has. I thoroughly looked through their website and I was impressed; both the mens and womens watches were so stylish, luxurious and unique. Their timepieces really stand out; I really haven’t ever seen anything like them and I LOVE that. I knew right away I was going to get one, now to the hard part….which one, out of all these great styles, do I choose?

The watch I selected for my husband, Jason, was the Delmar Dark Sandalwood and Blue Carbon. I chose this one because I really liked the look of the dark sandalwood with the blue face; it was unlike any of the other watches he has and knew it would look amazing on him whether he’s dressed up or just casual. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive and lucky for me, “Miss Impatient”, the watch arrived very quickly; yea!

I was impressed from the moment I opened the package; the watch came in this really cool wood box, it’s like they already wrapped it for me (WIN!). When I saw the watch itself in person, I was instantly drawn to it; it just looks so cool. The sandalwood is truly beautiful and the blue face is really attractive. Though the watch has a larger face, it was surprisingly lightweight, which I thought he would appreciate. I was so impressed that I got a bit jealous; this was so cool now I wanted one!!! (I actually wore this around the house for awhile just to get my “fix” and have put one of the women’s styles on my wishlish)

In summary, I think the watch is amazing and I’m very pleased with this gift; from the individuality and style of the watch, to the price point, to the ease of ordering and service I received, I was all around pleased!


While this makes an awesome Christmas gift, my husbands birthday is a few weeks before that and I was so excited that  I decided to give this to him on his birthday vs waiting until Christmas. (I can be a terrible gift giver at times, when I know I have a slam dunk, I just want to give it to them immediately, which I basically did!)

Now for the birthday boys response; did Momasaurus do well in selecting this watch?YES

Here he is, in his element (he’s a cinematographer) sporting his new watch & it really does suit him.


This is exactly what he said about the Delmar Sandalwood & Blue Carbon Watch he received:

“As soon as I saw the watch I was impressed. As soon as I put it on, I was a believer. I have several watches, but nothing like this. The lightweight wooden design makes it very easy to wear all day. It not only looks good, but it works well with whatever I decide to wear. Let’s just say, I’ve found my new favorite accessory!” -Jason


I kinda stalked him yesterday, as he filmed, wrote scripts and edited, to photograph the watch in a few scenarios. The more I see it on him ,the more I really love it’s modern style and it’s luxurious, one of a kind look.

watch3WRITE This watch also has a feature that isn’t mentioned on their site; it’s a conversation starter! I had JUST given this to him and almost instantly it drew some attention; a watch made of wood? Our guests were very impressed with how sleek and lightweight this timepiece was, so much so that we then took them to the JORD website to show them more because they were intrigued. Wood watches? Why “WOOD” you buy anything else now that you know these exist, is my question :)

If you’re looking for a special gift, I would highly recommend giving  a JORD watch this holiday season. The recipeinet is sure to be pleasantly surprised when received a polished, chic watch such as this. And I have good news, for Momasaurus readers, JORD will give 10% off your order or 5% off in 2016 by clicking HERE or the image below.



Note: Jord Watches donated the  Delmar Sandalwood and Blue Carbon watch in exchange for a post about it, but my opinion is all my own. 

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