This one item will organize makeup, crafts, first aid items and more!

tacklebox I’ve been using a tackle box to store a variety of small items for years and I’m not talkin’ about tackle. This is actually one of my oldest & most used workarounds and it’s been a great solution for storing my makeup, beauty supplies, nail polish & more.
So, why a tackle box ?

  •  I found that it cost a lot less than a professional makeup organizer
  • The trays are adjustable so you can customize the tray length to fit the size of the items you
  • It’s easy to transport

This particular tackle box is large, it has 4 trays and a very big top compartment. This has been the perfect solution, for me, for keeping a bulk of my makeup, beauty tools, and nail polish organized.

This doesn’t only work for beauty though, Here are some other ways a tackle box can keep small items organized:

  •  Art & craft supplies: The compartments fit paint, paintbrushes, buttons, thread, scissors etc perfectly.
  • Jewelry: The sections prevent necklaces & earrings from tangling and trays make it really easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • First Aid Kit: Keep bandaids, ointments and more all together. Put in a small tackled box to make a first aid kit to keep in your car.
  • Essential Oils: The shelves work perfectly for storing these oils by category. I have so many of these (I use for a variety of homemade products) and keeping them organized is important, plus I don’t wanna spill the liquid gold! If you wanna learn more about essential oils, visit my site here
  • Tools-Manly gear: Store batteries, nuts, bolts and all the lil’ things that our handymen use :)

So regardless of what small items you’re looking to store & organize, try using a tackle box next time.

Ciao, Erin

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