Sweatproof makeup and more 50% off sitewide today

Imagine it; being able to put on eyeshadow in the morning and it still being there that evening, even if if the the humidity is amazon-like. Well, it’s actually possible thanks to ELF Cosmetics & their Makeup Lock & Seal. In years past, you would have never caught me wearing loose eyeshadow in the summer unless I wanted my whole face to be bedazzled with whatever shade I had put on my eyes earlier in the day. I had a case of “eyeshadow envy”; wanting to be able to wear those lovely, shimmery shades but not even bothering because I need makeup that’s gonna stay put literally all day.

That’s until last year when ELF had a  50% off sitewide sale making their makeup super inexpensive (Like $2 cheap!)  and that’s when I ordered a TON of stuff including my absolute favorite item; Makeup Lock & Seal. I am so happy I ordered it; my next order included 3 of these, plus several of the loose eyeshadows, mineral makeup, beauty tools and more. I had been dying to try all these and I really love them all.  I’m here to share that despite their low price, these products really do work and the 50% off sale is back so you can get some amazing products for under $5
Click here for sale: Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics now
I swear I don’t work for ELF, though I’m an affiliate;  I am just thrilled that I found something that really works.






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