Stylish DIY Dry Erase Board

 Stylish DIY Dry Erase BoardI rely on Dry Erase Boards to help me keep everything in order (and sometimes just to doodle for a bit) but I really don’t like the way they look. So, I decided I would make my own using things I already had; A Picture Frame & Paper.  All you have to do to make one is cut some cute paper/material to put inside the frame, close it up, grab a dry erase marker and get to doodling..I mean jotting down very important notes. Here are some ideas for the background: scrapbook paper, wallpaper, fabric scraps, wrapping get my drift.

Thanks to my cute new board,  I have the satisfaction of making it myself  for next to nothing AND I got all my tasks done. One added bonus of the dry erase board, I can try to perfect my kitty cat drawing as many times as I want. Unfortunately for me, after several attempts, my cat still look like a jacked up gerbil.
Oh Well…..

See you next week,



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