Rusted Old Baby Carriage to Cool Garden Cart that’s weatherproof!

beforeaftercart If you have a DIY project or decor item that you’d love to put outside; then you gotta check out my post. The sealer I used for this project, BEYOND PAINT Multi-Purpose Sealer,  can make any item super durable and weatherproof from furniture, to decor to even countertops!

I’ve had this old baby carriage for over a year now just waiting for the right idea to bring it  back to life and this fall I finally came up with it; a garden cart. The condition of the carriage, as can see from the before photo, was seemingly beyond repair the sides disintegrated and feel off, it was completely rusted and falling apart more each day.

Several months ago, I flipped an old, dumpster bound desk using a paint called Beyond Paint that doesn’t require any prep work, so I thought I’d try that product again to see if it could help me revive this somehow and it worked like a charm!

 Check out my video below to see for yourself; you’ll see the before, the flipping process and the after.

I absolutely love this piece now; I had been wanting something different for my front yard for a long time & I think this was the perfect addition. I honestly can’t wait to use the BEYOND PAINT MULTIPURPOSE SEALER  again so I can take more “junk” and flip it into something cool!

Cost breakdown: 
(Note: I only used about 1/3 of the paint & the sealer so I have leftover for future projects. A little of the paint & sealer go a LONG way. In my experience using BEYOND products,  while it may be a bit more upfront the results speak for themselves; I use less paint & have yet to prep anything and now my projects are sealed & weatherproofed!)

  • Carriage $20
  • RECLAIM PAINT $49.95 (each quart)
  • Brushes: I already had those

To see my desk makeover (with added colorful drawers) click the image below

deskrevampvert *Sponsored post but my opinions are all my own.

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