Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee

Pet Hair Removal Trick

I love my pets..I really do…but I do NOT love their fur. It’s just my luck that the strays that came to my house and weaseled their way into my heart,  ALL shed!!! I keep them out of our living room etc but when they lay on the patio furniture and floor it’s shed central. But,  I found this nifty way to remove their pesky fur from my rugs & furniture.  A Squeegee! Just scrape the squeegee along the furniture/floor and it will put all the hair into a pile, making it easy to grab & ditch.
After doing this, you may not even realize I have pets…that is until they start their usual routine of barking  to alert me  of a potential intruder (aka leaves blowing in the wind, a squirrel, my husband)  Yes, my dogs are very ‘helpful’ to notify me of such things.. Ugh ;)

Anyhoo, Happy Cleaning!

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