Protect your bling keep outta chlorine!



My wedding ring is one of my prized possessions. Getting that ring took some effort so I certainly don’t want to jack it all up. Unfortunately, there are common things we do that can cause some serious damage to bling.  I’m going to get right to the point since this involves something I love dearly.

Don’t wear your fine jewelry or silver in the pool or the ocean-they don’t play well together at all. Now I know wearing some baubles while sporting your suit can make you look fabulous & fashionable but make sure it’s costume (& not something you love) and certainly not the real deal. Sure, I know celebs rock their jewelry at the beach & the pool, but hey…I’m no Katie Holmes (shocking I know) and I can’t be replacing my stuff nor is on on loan for a shoot. DARN! BUT let me make myself clear that I am totally willing to sport such loaned jewels if there is a need for some 3 month postpartum “mom bod” pics…takers? yea didn’t think so.



**In all seriousness though, Studies have proven that both chlorine and saltwater have the potential to damage your jewelry beyond repair. 

Lemme tell you why:

Chlorine (whether it’s in cleaning products or the chlorine found in pools & hot tubs) can deteriorate your jewelry. Chlorine is especially harsh on white gold, jewelry that’s been repaired, altered or has stress fractures. It can weaken the gold and cause bands/prongs to break and cause discoloration of gemstones, oh the horror!!! (ps-its the worst in hot tubs due to the concentration & heat)

Saltwater is also a beast; the salt is very harsh and can corrode your jewelry (specifically the posts/joints)

Thankfully the solution is easy-Just Take.It.Off

See 1 step, easy right?

Your jewels and your pocketbooks will appreciate this tip, trust the Momasaurus :)

Until next time,


In my humble opinion, this is just a NOPE alltogether but whatevs.






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  1. Amy
    July 16, 2013 at 5:49 pm (4 years ago)

    We bought Tungsten wedding bands for work, being in the pool, and any other times we don’t want to ruin our bling…lol