If you swim, you’ll want to save this tip!

swimear If you’re asking yourself “what is swimmers ear?” ..then I envy you.

Swimming (or anything fun that has to do with water) for some people leads to water being trapped in the ear or worse yet, becomes “swimmers ear”. Swimmers Ear is a really painful ear infection that is brought on by water remaining in your ear. Regardless of the name, you don’t have to be a swimmer to get it. Anyone who gets water trapped in their ear (think skiing, tubing,heck even showering!) can easily get this. So why not just prevent it in the first place? 

Before I became a Momasaurus,  I swam competitively for years and from junior high through college I taught kids how to swim (which eventually gave me my down payment for my home…but that’s another story), so I know about this.

There are drops you can buy to prevent swimmers ear, but if you’re in the water often that cost can add up. This DIY is inspired by my momma who, bless her heart, helped me teach lessons all those years and was smart enough to figure out a cheaper solution. When she read the back of the store bought swimmers ear drops, she realized the main ingredient was rubbing alcohol.

Our method is a fraction of the cost of the store bought drops & works just as well..I’ve been using for years and have been problem free…well ear problems that is, ha.

The quickest and easiest method is just using rubbing alcohol: 

  • Just put a few drops of alcohol in one ear, sit for a few seconds and shake out onto a tissue or cloth. (You can kinda feel it grabbing the water and drying out your ear)
    I do this for myself and my family every single time we go swimming to get rid of water pressure and haven’t had any ear infections. I swear by this one! 

Extra Protection to Prevent Ear Infections just add some vinegar (especially if swimming in a lake) 

  • Get a bottle to store them in (i’ve used any bottle with a dropper like eyedrops, tylenol or baby gas drops) but you can use whatever you want
  • Combine 1/2 rubbing alcohol (to dry the water) and 1/2 white vinegar (to squash the bacteria)
  • Put several drops in your ear, let it sit for a few seconds, then tilt your head to get the remaining drops out of there. Repeat in your other ear
  • Swim all you want, pain free!!!! Hooray

Until next time,


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