Packing Tip: Fold Less, Fit More + Fresh Clothes

packing Make packing easier & keep clothes smelling fresh.

I travel about once a month, so I’ve had my fair share of packing “fails”. Regardless of my suitcase size, I never seem to fit all my stuff in there without risking breaking the zipper due to overstuffing. I finally figured out the best way, for me, to pack my wardrobe= I roll my clothes vs folding them. For me, this is a win-win because I stink at folding and I can fit more items in my bag. This tip also works great for packing a backpack, my daughters overnight bag etc.

Another space saver is to stuff your socks or small items into your shoes. To keep my clothes smelling fresh, after being stuck in a bag for countless hours, I throw in some dryer sheets.

I love packing this way, it saves me space & my clothes are much less wrinkled when I roll them vs fold (aka shove) them. Now, you’ll have more more time to shop on your trip (don’t worry, you’ve made room in your bag for this) and less time ironing-boo! ;)

Have a great weekend



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