NYC Big BOLD Curl Mascara Review-Does a $4.99 product work?



In my opinion, lashes can really make or break your look. When my lashes are popping feel like I’ve had an instant facelift but if they’re clumpy and flakey…..I might as well just stay home cause there’s no reason going out looking a mess. I tested out NYC’s Big Bold Curl Mascara to see if you can really get divine lashes for only $5. I figured it was worth a shot (or a few strokes) to see if this worked.


  • Up to 12 x more volume
  • Up to 99% more lift
  • Up to 147% lash multiplying effect after just one stroke
  • Oversized mega curved brush
  • No flaking, no smudging, no clumping


  • Only $4.99


Yea or Nay?

Lashes using BigBoldCurl

Lashes using BigBoldCurl

-Yea: I must say I was really surprised that a $4.99 mascara works, but this one does. I’ve been using this product for a month now and I’ve been happy with the results. You will see fuller, longer lashes after a coat. Now, I’m not a 1 coat of mascara kind of girl….I like to add a few layers of fabulousness. Here is a pic of my lashes after a few coats of Big Bold Curl Mascara.

I can’t tell you if my lashes multiplied by 147% after the first stroke because 1. How would I measure that ?  and 2. I just do a visual check….” Oh those look hot VS whew girl…add some more” . Regardless of the percent, I really like this product and will definitely be buying it again. In a nutshell, my lashes were much longer, thicker and did have some curl after a few coats. To make sure they are “bat-able” I curl my lashes to add some extra Oomph.

Disclaimer:  This product was donated by NYC but my opinion is all my own. If it’s something I really like, I stand by it. If not, I give a Rex-like review.


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