No Mess, No Fuss Gardening

GardenCollage Today I’m going to share 2 awesome gardening tips: How to Pot your plants without making a mess using a coffee filter and how to keep the soil hydrated using a diaper. Yep you read that correctly. The coffee filter keeps the dirt from coming out the bottom & the diaper insert helps retain moisture in the soil. With the diaper, I used diapers that my daughter grew out of too quickly. I then just cut the mesh in the middle of the diaper to get to the insert. The insert is the part that makes your baby have a thick, ginormous booty when wet. I use the insert just for that reason, it soaks up the moisture & retains it for a longer period of time.

This is all you have to do:

  • Place a coffee filter in the bottom of your pot
  • Dump a little potting soil into the pot
  • Place diaper insert on the soil
  • Fill the rest with dirt & get to planting

You don’t have to be a garden enthusiast to try this, just someone who wants beautiful flowers without all the mess & fuss.

PS: I only use the diaper step on flowers. I’m unsure of what the diaper insert is made of, so I haven’t tried this on any fruits or vegetables.

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In this segment, I demonstrate how to do this at the very end. So easy!


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