5 week Skincare Trial: Nerium AD Review


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If you’re into skincare, or maybe even if you aren’t, you’ve probably heard something about Nerium (there has been a lot of buzz about it online). If you haven’t heard about it let, I’ll briefly summarize what it is & how it was developed (info from the Nerium website). Apparently scientists were researching the uses for the Nerium Oleander plant & when tested on skin they realized it had anti-aging properties. The finding led to the creation of the  Nerium AD skincare line, which claims to address multiple concerns with this 1 product: wrinkles, discoloration, and texture

How I found out about it:

Several months ago, I was talking to my hairstylist Julie about skincare and I asked her if she had changed products because her skin was glowing & looked great. The change she made was a new skincare line called Nerium.

Around the same time, I started to see a lot of buzz about Nerium on social media. Several people were posting some pretty drastic before & after pictures and I wondered if this product was truly this amazing, so I decided to find out  for myself if this is the real deal. In particular, I wanted to see if it would fix some of my skin issues: discoloration and fine lines.

Before & After Pics

I wanted to show you what my face looked like before and after using for 5 weeks so I didn’t wear any makeup on my face so you can see the redness, discoloration and some of my fine lines. I’m a chick who looks MUCH better with makeup on so here’s your warning, I look scary in the pictures but I did it so you could see for yourself what I”ll be discussing.


  • Price:

    -Retail Customers (If you just want to buy once)
    Nerium AD Night Cream: $110
    Nerium AD Combo Pack (Day & Night Cream) $165

    -Preferred Customers (Click HERE for details)
    Nerium AD Night Cream: $ 80
    Nerium AD Combo Pack (Day & Night Cream) $120

    * My tagline, as you know, is have it all without spending all you have and I take pride in finding great deals whenever possible. That being said, there are certain things that I’m willing to pay more for, skincare being one of them. I  justified the cost not only because it’s a skincare product but also because this 1 product does multiple jobs. The night cream takes the place of an eye cream, facial moisturizer and a wrinkle filler.

    The Day cream works well as a makeup primer, eye cream & day moisturizer (but it does not protect again UVA or UVB so I wear face lotion with sunscreen over it make sure I’m protected from the sun)

  • Application:

    Clean your face & apply 4-5 pumps on face and neck while your face it still damp for maximum absorption. Do this once in the morning with the daycream and once in the evening with the night cream.

  • First impression:

    I first used the night cream & applied on clean, damp skin, exactly as suggested. Once dry, my skin felt tight and a little gritty, but not in a bad way…it just had a slight texture to it. I noticed that later in the night this “grit” diminishes but the tightness remains. I have sensitive skin so I was curious if my skin would react negatively to this, as it has numerous times with other products, but it didn’t with this one. I had no negative reaction to it, I was all good there.

    Day Cream: The day cream also makes your skin feel instantly tighter, which is one of the things I really liked about this. I put it on, as directed, then apply a moisturizer or BB cream with SPF on top of it & then the rest of my makeup.

  • Results

I have used this product for 5 weeks and in that time I’ve experienced some positive changes in my skin.

  • Redness: After several weeks of using this product the redness has subsided.
  • Fine Lines: I make a lot of expressions, so I have fine lines on my forehead, in my eyebrow area & around my mouth. After using Nerium, the lines are less apparent and seem to be getting better though they are still there. As I mentioned before, after you apply the cream your skin tightens & that instantly made my skin look better. In the perfect world, I’d love for everything to just….disappear but that probably wasn’t going to happen with anything in 5 weeks.
  • Discoloration: During pregnancy, I acquired some lovely spots all over my face (this may be a form of pregnancy mask minus the actual “mask” look). I have tried out a variety of products and services trying to get rid of this & none have been able to completely get rid of it. That being said, Nerium worked better than several others at reducing the appearance of the spots, they’re now lighter and easier to cover up.

  • Summary

    Overall, I have been pleased with the results I have achieved after using this product for 5 weeks and I’m hopeful that after using it longer, I’ll continue to achieve positive results. (I will update this post as more time has passed if the results continue)
    The redness I had is almost non-existent, discoloration has improved and fine lines are less obvious, but still there. Everyone reacts different to products but for me, I responded well to it with no sensitivity and better looking skin.

  • Where to buy? Julie, who introduced me to this product, eventually decided to become a brand partner because she loves it so much. If you’d like to try Nerium, you can order it through her site: skinthatcliques.nerium.com

    ** I want to clarify that I am not a Nerium Brand Partner, I just genuinely wanted to try this product & review it for my readers. There is no financial gain for me writing this review or providing you with this link, I’m just passing my opinion along.

*Note: During the 5 weeks I’ve tested this, I didn’t use any other anti-aging products or services. (In the past I’ve discussed an ongoing treatment, TruIdentity, that I use to build up my facial muscles & collagen. I get this service done every few months & did not have any treatment while testing Nerium, I only used this product.)
I only paid a portion of the total cost for this product, the rest was donated by the company so that I could review it.


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