Naturally Soothe Teething Pain & Tummy Aches

chamomile2 Being a first time mommy, I had NO idea that teething was such a nightmare. I know it’s  part of growing up, but seeing her in pain is  terrible. While she can have Tylenol etc. I don’t like giving that to her all the time, so I looked into natural remedies. There are natural teething tabs, which work but I was going through them like crazy. I checked out the label for the ingredients & Chamomilla (aka Chamomile) was the main one. I asked her pediatrician if it would be ok to give her a little chamomile tea & I got the OK and I’m happy I did. It helps to soothe her not only when she’s teething, but also when she has stomach pain or trouble sleeping.

According to Juniper Russo, a writer who passionately advocates an evidence-based approach to holistic health and activism,  parents seeking a natural solution to teething pain Chamomile is generally considered safe to use as a pain reliever and mild sedative for babies. To a child who is unable to sleep because of painful gums, finally being able to rest can be a welcome relief. Chamomile is also known for its mild analgesic (pain killing) effects, and can numb the pain of teething without the use of synthetic drugs.

On to my “recipe” :

What I do most often, is create what I call Chamomile Cubes. I brew a mild cup of chamomile tea & then freeze it using ice trays. When frozen, I either let her chew on it (using a Nuby Feeder (the pouch that you can put fruit/ice in) or I drop a cube in her water. That’s the method I use most often because chewing on the  ice helps soothe her pain in addition to the chamomile benefits. Plus, the cubes are the quickest, easiest solution for me.
That being said, you can also brew a mild cup & put just a little in the bottle or soak a washcloth in the tea.

Precautions: Russo says “Chamomile should best be used only in children over six months of age, and you should consult with a physician before adding any medicinal herb to your child’s treatment. Do not use chamomile with any other sedative (including diphenhydramine, or Benadryl), or with any blood-thinning medication (including aspirin).”

For more information on Chamomile Benefits, read Juniper Russo’s article on Chamomile for Teething or you can see additional benefits by visiting Livestrong. 

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