JULY4th Desk Upcycle Inspiration

UPCYCLE My sister, Janelle, really has a talent for upcycling & this is no exception. She found this huge desk top in the basement of her home 8 years ago & flipped it from an old, unused top to a really cool patriotic photo prop/wall art. I wanted to share this because I think it’s great inspiration of what you can do with an old tabletop/piece of wood or something similar.

Here is a brief overview of what she did with pictures below:

  • Sanded the top
  • Painted the entire top with with white primer
  • Masked off the flag pattern. You could use blue painters tape for this, she used washi tape because that’s what she had on hand.
  • Painted the red stripes, then the white.
    Tip 1: Paint really well with the primer so the white is more solid so you only have to paint the red stripes.
    Tip 2: To keep cost low you can get paint samples from Lowes for like $3
  • Painted the solid blue square
  • Stenciled the white stars using a stencil she found on Amazon for around $3
  • Allow several hours to dry
  • For slightly distressed look, she used steel wool and lightly put a coat of stain
  • If using outside, I would let this dry for several days to ensure it’s cured all the way.
  • Then paint the top with a polyurethane or polyacrylic topcoat. To be safe, you could always ask the paint associate at Lowes/HomeDepot etc so you buy the right thing. Then let that dry for 48 hours so it’s fully dry.

This whole project only set her back $9 in supplies, by reusing things she already had & being savvy while shopping.  You may never look at an old desk or table the same way again; happy patriotic painting :)






IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 AFTER

IMG_1533 IMG_1534

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