Hang Double Hook Pictures with ease!

DOUBLEHOOKTIP Many times, I’ve found myself buying a large frame or mirror and then having the dreaded realization that it has those darn double hook openings on the back. Ahhh! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to line up the holes & get it just a smidgen off, so I end up nailing like 4 holes in the wall instead of 2 because I can’t line it up straight….it’s the worst.

I recently created several wall galleries around my home, so I HAD to find a solution for hanging these otherwise my walls were going to look like pegboard. I figured out a way to do this while using my blue painters tape out for another project. I used the tape to stretch it from one opening to the other opening on the back, took that tape & slapped it on the wall where I wanted it and then placed the nails at the end of the tape…and it worked!!!  (see photos below)

Next time you have anything to hang that has those double openings on the back, please try this..it saves time, prevents extra holes in your walls and will protect your follicles from risk of being ripped out from frustration.

Check out how easy it is below & “Pin it” baby!

(Ps-make sure the tape is level, I’d hate for you to get them lined up correctly & then it be uneven)


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