*Updated: Throw an awesome Fall Party, Glamping ideas and tips

glampingparty I just completed my “work wedding”, which is a corporate event our office hosts to show our appreciation for the Drs & Staff we work with regularly. We host this annual event in October, so I like to keep elements of fall when planning the party while adding a fun (fall friendly) theme.  Each year, is a little different to keep the party fresh; last year the theme was Vintage Fall Fair, this year it was Glamping, Glamorous Camping. (Check out the segment from the event below)

In this post, I’ll include some tips on planning your own Glamping/Fall theme party; from where to get unique invitations, to creating your own wine labels to executing a memorable event. Later this fall, I’ll share an event video that will show you just how much fun this was. Whether you’re planning an event for business or pleasure, guests are sure to leave as happy campers….I mean GLAMPERS! ;)



Guests were greeted with Glamping themed decor from the moment they arrived to Walkers Bluff. To add a dramatic (& cool flair) 2 huge teepees were setup; 1 in the front of the venue, one in the back. If you were to host a similar event but on a smaller scale, you could use smaller teepees or even a camper if you still wanted that bit of dramatic element.

Tabletop Decor:

Mason Jars, pumpkins, lanterns, wood slices & cast iron skillets were used as centerpieces for this event.  Paper lanterns and lights were strung on the outside patio which was lovely at nightfall. (See image gallery below-click individual images to see them larger) 

Let’s Eat!
What’s on the menu…

The food was one of the coolest aspects of having a glamping event. We had a variety of camping/cookout food & then classed it up to fit our theme. Being pregnant, food is very important…very…so I made sure to have a variety of heavy appetizers available to guests. For this event, we’ve always had portable, heavy apps vs a sit down meal to encourage mingling, which has worked out really well.

Some menu items included: Shrimp/Meat Skewers, Foil Pouches filled with a variety of veggies/potatoes, sliders and themed desserts. Speaking of desserts, one thing I HAD to have was a S’more bar. I had originally planned on this being setup outside (we had little burners to roast marshmallows but also had fire pits going) but unfortunately, due to the weather we had to bring this inside. Good news though, since there isn’t much of a flame on the small burners it worked out just fine being indoors.  If guests didn’t want to roast their own,there were alternatives like the “Smokin’ Smores” (see images in gallery below)


Food Display:

We had food stations setup on 2 sides of venue, to make it easy for guests to get there food without waiting in line. (With over 300 guests I didn’t want them to wait around for food)

When planning an event, I like to have everything decorated to go along with the theme & the food tables are no exception. Food was placed inside of Cast Iron Skillets atop wood slices, to give that familiar camping feeling.

FoodDisplay  Drinks:

Warm, fresh pressed spiced apple cider anyone? Heck ya. We had that in both alcoholic & non-alcoholic versions and it went along perfectly with the theme..plus its just GOOD! We also featured several other options including hot chocolate, teas, lemonade, beer, and wine (including a personalized, custom wine that we gave away as gifts).

Apple Cider DIY Personalized Wine:

Want to have your own event wine (I mean how cool is that?) I was fortunate enough to have Walkers Bluff create a custom Harvest Wine with our own event label for this party, but you too can have your own personalized wine bottle for your next event. Just select some wine that your guests will love & replace the label with your own. I really like this idea for an event wine (bachelorette/bridal parties, holidays or to giveaway as gifts..who doesn’t like something that looks custom?) After my son arrives, I think I deserve some Momasaurus Merlot….just sayin’

Customize your own labels here: Free Wine Labels You Can Personalize 
Event Wine



Invitation This is a modified version of our invitation (the invite that I sent out was double sided with some additional information). From the invites, to name tags, to the decor, I like to include little elements that go with the theme so there’s consistency from beginning to end.


Quick Tip: When looking for invitations, if you don’t know how to design your own,  Mixbook  has the tools that enable you to easily create your own cards with built in design elements or they have several predesigned options as well.

If you have a card/invite designed for you outside of Mixbook (like on Etsy) and are looking to have them printed, you can upload the file & have your custom invitations printed by Mixbook.  I’m mentioning them specifically because I use their services for all of my cards because they offer a quality product & have periodic sales.

Note: Make sure to look for coupon codes before ordering-I almost always get at least 20% off just by searching for a code (or they have them listed within their homepage banner).

Happy Fall Ya’ll


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    Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing via Mommy Monday :)

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    November 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm (3 years ago)

    Hello cute lady! I love everything. Pinned. We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by our party. It wouldn’t be a party without you. Please join us on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls