Flip chair into a cool pet or doll bed!!

MURRAYBED WOW, Talk about a transformation! Today I’m sharing how you can flip an old chair into a cool pet or doll bed. This post is actually courtesy of my creative, lovely momma. She came up with this project after seeing something similar for sale at an antique store for $150. After looking more closely, she realized…hey, I could make something similar using an old chair. For those of you who know us, trash to treasure is something we really enjoy and it has enabled us to decorate our homes with unique pieces for a small fraction of the cost of buying it. In this case, it set her back less than $15 by getting a great deal on a chair and reusing supplies she already had; $15 VS $150?!?!? I’ll Take it!

If you’re looking for a cool pet bed or gift for a little girl, this is it! You can use the same technique for both pet bed and doll bed and either recipient is sure to love it. First you need to go shopping. It already sounds great doesn’t it?  You are looking for a straight back wooden chair.  The best finds are singles or damaged ones that can be acquired for prices bordering on free! I like to spend no more that $5.00 but you can be your own guide on that.  I also love to find ladder back chairs because they really give you plenty of height to make a dramatic “headboard”. I got this great example chair for only $2.00!


The steps in making this project are not difficult but you will need a few tools.

Tools Needed:  

  • A saw ( electric is easiest and saves lots of time but a hand saw will work)
  • A tape measure
  • Sharpie
  • Drill driver

Other supplies in addition to the chair:

  •  1 – 1x4x8 piece of lumber
  • small piece of plywood 18×25
  •  sharp thin screws and paint  (you can use spray paint or brush applied )
  • Spray Paint
  • Pillow (for the mattress) and Pillowcase for the “comforter”

Before you begin, wash the chair.  Most flea market chairs are pretty dusty and it will help you when you are ready to paint.


  1. Cut the chair back off of the chair.  Cut through all side support rungs. CUTBACK
  2. Cut the front of the chair off of the side rungs and seat.
  3. Discard the seat and side rungs they won’t be needed
  4. Sand the areas where the wooden rungs were removed so the wood is smooth
  5. Flip the chair front upside down so the portion that would have been near your knees will be the legs of the “bed”
  6. Lay the front on top of the chair back so you can decide how much of the back to use as the headboard.
  7. Cut off the legs of the chair back so you get the height you want.  I cut off about 7 inches for this example chair.

    Now to make the Mattress box. 
  8. Easiest method: Find a small desk or chest drawer to make the mattress box.
    If not, build one…a sturdy one for either dog or doll bed (if your child is like mine then they’ll definitely be testing this bed out!)
  9. Cut the 1×4 in 4 lengths. 2 for the head and foot of the bed and 2 for the sides. I used 15 ½ inch x 25inches.  A standard bed pillow will be used for the mattress so these measurements can be adjusted based on the width of your chair back.
  10. Lay out the four pieces on end so they form a box. Tack the corners with brads or screws.
  11. Lay the box on top of your plywood and trace the outside perimeter.  Cut the plywood on the marked lines.
  12. Lay the plywood bottom on top of the box and attach with screws around the perimeter.
  13. Lay the headboard flat and attach the box with screws through the box and into the headboard.
  14. Flip the box on end and attach the “footboard” in the same way.
  15. Paint the entire bed the color of your choice.
  16. Add a pillow for the mattress. Pillowcases are perfect sheets!  I added a dust ruffle at the bottom because I sew but it’s awesome with are without.

You can personalize your bed headboard for your favorite feline, canine or little person.  Enjoy!


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