Exfoliating Enzyme Face Scrub-Review

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.01.41 PM I really like to make my beauty products, but let’s be real…having some go-to products readily available is pretty convenient, especially when I’m traveling. I’ve been looking for a new face scrub and thankfully the folks at Natural Food Shop generously provided one for me to try; the Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Scrub.

Let’s get down to the nitty-“gritty” on this scrub:

Feel: This scrub has a fine grit, made from ground walnut shells, which does a good job of removing dry, dead skin without irritation. I have sensitive skin and if the grit is too coarse (or if there are harsh chemicals added), my face transforms into that of a female Elmo (bright red, EEK!) =NOT COOL. Luckily, this doesn’t do that.

Smell: This lavender-scented scrub has a soothing smell, very spa-like and pleasant to smell while using.

Results: I’ve used this a few times a week for several weeks and in my opinion, it does what it claims: “To remove flaky, rough, dead skin cells to give you a renewed glow.”

I found that it gently scrubs your skin without irritating, leaving it very smooth and bright when finished. After the scrub, I apply my moisturizer or coconut oil and feel like a fresh-faced girl :)

I like that it’s made primarily of organic ingredients, doesn’t contain parabens, synthetic colours or fragrances, harsh preservatives, harmful sulfates, or phthalates and isn’t tested on our furry friends.

Price: $13, which I felt was a good price for an organic face scrub that works &  won’t irritate your skin.

Natural Food Shop has been a great company to work with: they offer health food, body care products, vitamins, supplements & more. I’d suggest loading up on all of your health & beauty supplies at once so you can benefit from their free shipping.


While this was a donated product, my opinion is all my own. If I love a product I shout it out and if I’m less than impressed, trust me you’ll see a “Rex Review” from me ;)

Stay tuned, more real-deal reviews coming soon






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