Easy hat organization trick

organizehats If you and your family have multiple hats around the house, you gotta try this trick to organize them. Last week, after swapping out my summer wardrobe for my fall one, I realized I have a ridiculous amount of hats; you name it….fedoras, floppy felt hats, ball caps, snow hats..there are ALOT! I have always had problems organizing them properly and didn’t have a great solution for storing them all until now.

Determined to find a way to organize them, I pulled out an old tension rod I had & thought there had to be a way to hang them using some unused space I had in a closet. I quickly hung it up, which took all of 20 seconds then added these curtain clips to the pole. I used the clip part of these to hang the hats; this idea works great for almost any hat and it keeps them off the floor & organized! Let me show you how easy this is

img_8987 Supplies Needed: 

  • Tension rod (I already had this nicer bronze tension rod, but any tension rod would work) 
  • Curtain Clips (below are some on amazon)




  • Put up a tension rod in your closet (or wherever you have the space) this is nicer looking one a found at a resale shop but any tension rod would work
  • Add curtain clips OR Shower Curtain Rings. (the clips worked great for my hats but shower curtain rings would work really well for ball caps)
  • Clip hats 

That’s it! See how easy this is below but SO much better than storing them all over the house.

img_8984 img_8986 Want to organize ball caps? 


You can follow the same steps this scarf organization trick; except you’ll just open the ring to slide adjustable back part  of the hat through. You could use the shower rings on either the tension rod or simply string through a hanger & voila…no more hat chaos!

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