Dust Free Blinds Hack

Blinds Hack Being an adult is not always fun; take cleaning blinds for instance. It certainly isn’t something I want to do or even think about doing, but occasionally I just gotta do it. I’ve tried dusting & cleaning them several different ways, all of which were a big pain in the butt and didn’t do a good job, until recently.

I just got a new set of tongs & thought “what if I slide some old, long socks on the tongs & dust the blinds with it?” I tried it using some old hospital socks & it worked really well on my faux wood blinds….better than anything else I’ve tested. Now,  If you don’t have any socks, you could just use a washcloth or rag & secure it with a band (I just used one of 1000 hair ties I had lying around) and that worked just as well.


What if they need cleaned as well as dusted? (think Kitchen blinds) 
Well, this is where I refer to my old, kinda stinky friend White Vinegar. Just mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. Dip the sock in the mix, wring out well and then place on the tongs and start wiping. If they are really dusty you may want to dust them first, then clean them.

In summary, do the following to have some dust free blinds that your momma will be proud of, without hating adulthood altogether.

  • Put socks over tongs, secure if needed with band/ hair tie
  • Pinch them a bit so they cling to the blind & just go back and forth
  • Put on an awesome playlist while you do this, surely you’ll burn like 35 calories….maybe 50 if you shake your hips and when doesn’t music make a situation better? ;)


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