DIY Teeth Brushing Chart

 Teaching your kiddos to brush their teeth regularly is so important;  not doing so leads to plaque, which leads to cavities and makes gums sore & unable to hold the teeth.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I meet someone, their smile is one of the first things I notice (maybe that’s why I’m a bit of a spaz about brushing, flossing, disinfecting, whitening, brushing again…..haha)
Anyway, here’s a creative way to remind your kiddos to brush their teeth.

Head over to Dukes&Duchesses for the instructions.

Found the cute “Brush Your Teeth” Printable at 30HandmadeDays

FYI: Since I work in dental marketing,  I talk about teeth All. The. Time, so this post should come as no surprise ;)

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