DIY Grip Socks

DIY NoSkid Socks

Here’s an updated tip from awhile back, before my kiddo was running all over the house. I use these DIY non-skid socks just as much now as I did when I initially wrote this when she was crawling vs running/jumping/doing ninja like moves. Here we go:

My bambino is trying desperately to walk, but needs some traction on our hardwood floors. She has some non-skid socks that I bought for her, but I swear they’re always in the wash! SO, to add some traction to existing socks, just add some puff paint to the bottom of any sock. This totally works & an added bonus…it’s cute ;) Now she can walk over the house in her stylin’ socks without risk of slipping.

Here’s another option: Hot Glue on the bottom. Both do the trick, just use what you’ve got on hand.

Featured in my Momasaurus TV Segment:

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