DIY All Natural Lotion Bars

BARS This winter has been brutal and I desperately needed hydration for my dry skin, so I decided to take a stab at making lotion bars. I purchased them in the past & liked them, but I would’ve preferred they melt a bit easier so I tweaked a variety of recipes and came up with this one.  Lotion bars are great because they melt upon coming in contact with your skin, like butter, and offer instant gratification. I’ve previously discussed my love of coconut oil, but one downside to applying it alone is that it can be a bit greasy until its absorbed BUT if you use the coconut oil this way, you avoid all that. With lotion bars, you get the benefits of coconut oil, without the mess-yea!

Here are some other reasons I love them:

  • All Natural-no hidden chemicals, just 3 main ingredients which are GOOD for skin
  • Great moisturizer-they melt as they glide along your skin
  • Portable-just pop in a bag or small container
  • Easy to make-just a few steps my friends


  • Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter **
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E Oil (Optional)
  • Essential Oil (Optional)* I already had the coconut oil, got the beeswax on amazon (you can also get at natural food stores/co-ops) and was in a rush, so I just picked up a pure cocoa butter stick at the store…you can find those at dollar stores for like $1.50)
    This will make 6 bars using a cupcake tin

How to make them:

Putinjar 1. Put equal amount of coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter in a glass container (I used a Mason Jar which worked really well). I combined  1 oz cocoa butter stick, 1oz block of beeswax and I guessed on the coconut oil… I actually put a little extra coconut oil in there, I love the stuff so probably about 1.5 oz coconut oil.

Boil 2. Place jar in a pan of water (about 1-2 inches deep with water). I put stove on Med/High and as the ingredients start to melt, stir and continue to stir periodically.

Melted 3. Optional: Add several drops of pure vitamin E and essential oils once melted. Make sure to stir well after adding.

Mold 4. Pour liquid into mold-Silicone cupcake pan/liners would work best.  I didn’t have those on hand so I just used a metal cupcake pan.

5. Give plenty of time to cool before attempting to get out. I  was able to get them out of this metal pan with a butter knife without much effort at all.


  • If you spill some of the mixture on your stove, counter top etc I would clean it up right away while still liquid, it will be harder to get rid of later.
  • It would be easiest to use a glass jar and pan that you weren’t going to use again for food. I’m not saying you can’t use them, but I’ve heard others mention that they had a hard time getting the smell of the essential oils out of their molds, which is why I used this old cupcake tin that has been retired from making cupcakes.
  • The optimal time to apply all over your body is right after a shower/bath, see why here. You can, of course, apply all day to your hands etc but for maximum effectiveness applying when you just showered would be the best time
  • As I mentioned in the directions, I put in extra coconut oil. I have purchased lotion bars in the past that didn’t glide or melt as easily as I would’ve liked and adding the extra coconut oil prevented that problem. This recipe will go on smooth.


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  1. Angel
    February 26, 2014 at 7:01 pm (4 years ago)

    Wow, I didn’t realize it was this easy. I would love to try making my own soaps. Thanks for sharing at our Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.