Get thicker longer lashes naturally


If I’m in a huge rush &  can only  apply makeup to one area, I’d always pick my lashes. For me, they just make my eyes pop which in turn, can make my  face look so much better even if it’s on a “busted” day  In my other posts on lashes, mascara etc I’ve shared my love for lush lashes & today, I’ll share how you can grow them, naturally by creating this DIY Eyelash Serum.

How this works:

If you aren’t familiar with Castor Oil, it’s well known for it’s ability to grow hair & prevent hair loss. It can be used not only for this eyelash serum, but also to help grow hair & eyebrows. Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Gel accelerate the length.

Now here are some tips when contemplating making this: If you don’t already have these ingredients & are on the fence about buying them, luckily most are relatively inexpensive when you consider that a little will go a LONG way & there are several uses for each individual product. If you just do a search by product like: Castor Oil Uses, Aloe Vera Gel uses etc you’ll see what I’m talking about. There are also a few workarounds, you know I love giving alternatives so you can try to use what you have on hand, so I’ve listed those below.

Ingredients & Materials Needed: 

  • 4 Tablespoons Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel (without Alcohol)
  • 2 Tablespoons Castor Oil
  • Clean Mascara Wand
  • Clean Mascara Tube

*You can reuse a mascara wand & tube, just make sure to wash it out really well.

images-3 Directions:

Just apply a coat to your lashes right before bed each night. After doing this for several weeks, you should notice thicker, longer (& fabulous) lashes.



The most important ingredient is the castor oil, since it’s the most powerful in terms of growing & thickening your lashes. If you don’t have the others, you can use the castor oil straight or mix with other oils you may have on hand such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil.

In a few weeks, you’re gonna love your thicker, lush lashes. Bat em’ ladies :)

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