DIY Deep Cleaning Clay Face Mask


I frequently share skincare DIY’s for a few reasons: 1. I love making them 2. They’re less expensive than store bought products and go a LONG way 3. Very few ingredients & no chemicals  4. They work!
Today I’m sharing one of my favorite masks; a Clay Face Mask to be exact (think like a clay mask at the spa except it only costs a few pennies per application!!!)
This lovely detoxing mask only requires 2 ingredients; bentonite clay & water! It’s like the easiest DIY ever….I mean, can you mix 2 things in a bowl? If so, you can make this ;)

Let me first tell you what this mask can do:

  • Create clear, glowing skin
  • Prevent Breakouts
  • Remove Toxins
  • Reduce pores
  • Exfoliate your skin

Each time I’ve done this, my skin feels really tight & smooth afterward…I love it! This is so ridiculously easy to make, it hardly even needs instructions. If you’re not familiar with Benonite Clay, the jar below is the type the I use. You can find this at a variety of Health stores, but it’s also readily availble online (I ordered this jar from Amazon-it’s $9.50 for a pound of it )


So onto the face mask:

  • Put a  spoonful of the clay in a bowl & add just enough warm water to make a paste. You may need to mix up for just a bit or it’ll be lumpy..but no worries, the lumps won’t actually hurt anything they will just take longer to dry on your face.
  • Spread the mask on your face; I just use clean fingers to do this.
  • Let it sit on your face for around 15 minutes. Ideally I don’t allow it to fully dry, it’s a little harder to get off that way. Trust me, you’ll know when it’s dry…it dries hard.
  • Rinse your face with warm water & gently rub off with a washcloth


In the pic above, you’ll see what it looks like when you apply it (Left)…it’ll be a thin, light green mask. The pic on the right shows what it looks like when it’s almost dry, you kinda feel like a statue from the almost hardened mask.


  • I’ve done this several times & I always make sure to use warm water when creating the paste. There’s nothing wrong with cool water it just feels better going on your face if it’s warm.
  • If you want to make it antibacterial to further help with acne & breakouts, add a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • It’s easiest to do this before your shower for obvious reasons (it’ll come off while you’re in there) but you can do this any time of day…just get your face really wet when rinsing off so you don’t irritate your skin trying to get the mask off.
  • My skin is sometimes a bit sensitive for about 20 minutes after removing the mask, but then it’s totally fine. If you have really sensitive skin, may not want to leave the mask on for very long until you figure out what works best for you

When I wash off the mask, my skin feels really tight & smooth, ahhh refreshing :)


So, you’ve bought the jar of Bentonite Clay, so you can either make like 1000 face masks, which would be just fine OR you can look up some additional uses for Bentonite Clay. Below, I’ll share some links to other sites that further explain bentonite clay and how you can use it for health & beauty purposes. It’s all about the Clay Baby!

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