Curltastic detangler and conditioning spray

detangler If you’ve tried brushing out tangled hair, be it straight or curly, you know it’s a nightmare. My daughter has fine, curly hair and if I don’t spray & comb it EVERY night then then she’ll be rocking some sky-high, ratted locks in the morning (sigh). I have tried out a ton of detanglers and conditioning sprays; they did a good job but I was going through this stuff like crazy so  I decided to just come up with my own. I love this recipe because it’s a CRAZY EASY, it detangles and conditions, smells amazing and doesn’t have to contain extra chemicals (If you use a natural conditioner)
First, let me share what her hair looks like when she has fallen asleep without the spray & combing, HOLY cow this was a hot mess disaster. You can’t tell from the pic but it was super tangled, it was so “Knot” cool…pun intended!
The after picture is what she looks like right after I spray this on & brush it out, ahhh much better.  CURLSBEFORE Since routinely using this spray, I rarely even have to use product on her hair & when I do, i only need a small dab. (I list the exact products I use below)  Now, this can vary if your hair is more course, but for her soft, fine hair this does the trick.

Check out what it looks like when she wakes up & I just slightly dampen & scrunch.

curls copy

Lets get into how easy this is.
Supplies Needed:

  • Spray Bottle (You can just reuse a previous detangles bottle or buy a new, small spray bottle)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Conditioner. If you have fine, straight hair might want to only use 2 Tablespoons.
  • 3 drops Lavender Essential Oil


sprayinstructions copy

Before bed, every night, I spray this liberally on her hair, focusing primarily on the lower half of her hair and the ends. (I don’t spray on her scalp). I let it sit for a minute & then start gently brushing out the tangles. If you want to make this process as easy as possible, I suggest investing in a detangling brush. I bought one about a year ago, not thinking it would really do much, but WOW it makes all the difference.

detangling brush

A detangling brush is the ONLY brush I use on her hair, it’s so much easier with it’s various bristles and you can run it through the hair much easier; it’s a product I would recommend for any child or even adult who ever gets tangles. Here is an example of one, but they can be found at several retailers. Tip: If in the store, look for one with stiff bristles. I have a couple of these and the flimsy bristles don’t do as good of a job, the stiff bristles can get right through those tangles.

Give this curltastic, detangling spray a try. It’s inexpensive and really does work well for both detangling and conditioning hair.


If you’re wondering what specific conditioner I use for her hair, this is the one I’ve used in my last 2 batches. I randomly picked it up when I was grocery shopping at Kroger actually but I liked it so much that this has become the one I always use for this DIY; It’s really moisturizing, has fewer ingredients and smells good.



When I do use product, especially when taking her photo, this is what I use. You can find this at Walgreens and it runs around $8 and goes a LONG way. You only need like a dime size of this stuff and it works great for her hair.


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