How to use clip-in hair extensions-video

Fauxit Did you know you can get longer, thicker hair in around 30 minutes?
You can, using clip -in hair extensions! I wasn’t born with luscious locks but you can’t tell when I have my extensions in; it’s really “unbeweaveable”.

In this segment, I’m with the owner of Clique Hair Design, Julie Rushing, who will demonstrate 3 easy steps to remember when putting in extensions (you know I like to simply in 3 steps if at all possible & this is not exception)
“STS” : Section, Tease & SnapĀ 

She also shares where you can buy your extensions, what type to buy & lastly shows us how to achieve a cute updo that is simple enough for anyone to do. Try them out, they’ll “weave” you feeling fabulous.

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