You won’t believe what gets rid of Japanese Beetles

BYEbeetle Japanese Beetles are plant assassins and become quite the nuisance in the summer. When they started tearing up my trees, plants & grapes, my dislike of them turned to hate, for this fight just got personal.

Ok, enough with the dramatics. They’re annoying and we all want them to go away right? You can buy Sevindust to get rid of them, which I’ve done in the past & it does work, but as you’ll see from the video below I’m not exactly gentle when it comes to spreading things. Since having my daughter I’ve really tried not to use chemicals around her or where she plays so I wanted an alternative. (I also realized you should keep Sevindust away from your pets, according to the info I’ve read). If you use Sevindust, I’d just say be careful, more careful than I have been anyway.

This natural alternative is completely safe…so safe in fact that you can eat it. It’s Self Rising Flour. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is:

Japanese Beetles cannot digest the baking powder in the self rising flour, which is what kills them, so make sure you get self rising vs all purpose flour. I will say that this method doesn’t necessarily deter them alltogether, but it will take care of the bulk of them. These beetles are a serious pest to :

American chestnut
American elm
American linden
American mountain ash
black cherry
flowering crabapple
horse chestnut
Norway Maple

and 200 other types of plants.

How to use:
Lightly sprinkle the plants, trees, flowers. (Don’t dump a ton of flower on top of them, it will just create a big mess, especially when it rains)

Repeat after a rain

So, if you’re willing to try a chemical free way to keep those beetles at bay, this is worth a shot.

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