Beauty Tip: Prevent Liner from Running

TBD-Line-Saver I love this beauty tip, The Line Saver, from The Beauty Department. They show how you can line your lower lids & make it last, without looking a hot mess.


When I line my lower lid, specifically my waterline, my eyes really pop & I love how it looks…for awhile, but when it starts to smear throughout the day, I look like a crazed pirate and there’s only 1 person who can pull off that look and it’s Johnny Depp. SO, for the rest of us, this tip can really come in handy.

I pinned this several months ago & use frequently so I feel confident sharing it with you all.  For the full tutorial, visit The Beauty Department. 

Other ways to prevent the dirty pirate/rabid raccoon look:

  • I use a waterproof pencil liner
  • Add some concealer & pat some powder/mineral veil under the eye

If you wanna know how to create a fab smokey eye look in just 3 steps, check out my recent video tutorial. We got it down to just 3 main steps & it’s easy enough for you to create this look at home.

Stay Pretty my Pretties :)

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