BabyTrend Jogging Stroller-Wild Ride

Before I get into my review of this particular product, I want to tell you why I started reviewing products in the first place. When I was pregnant, I had no clue what to buy. I looked all over to find the go-to gear that my little one would need; some of those items really were lifesavers & others money wasters. So instead of continuing to spend a ton of money on products that I may or may not like (not only baby goods, ALL products) I plan to test as many as I can to see if they really live up to what they say.

Now onto the review: 


I registered for this Baby Trend Expedition ELX Jogging Stroller because
2. It was a combo deal1. It was available at Babies R Us where I registered

3. I really wanted a jogging stroller & prefer the bicycle type wheels over the traditional ones

4. It wasn’t as expensive as other jogging strollers

5. It has speakers built in…I’m  a nerd

I was so fortunate to receive this gift from my co-workers, they all chipped in to get it for me for my baby shower; I was thrilled. (They are awesome, I’m so lucky!)  I used the carrier from day one, taking my lil’ girl home in it from the hospital; the carrier wasn’t difficult to adjust and held my daughter in place. I had a rough recovery after having her, so I actually didn’t use the stroller for at least a month after she was born. When I did use it, this is what happened:

download (1) Sadly, on it’s first use, I realized it had a bunk wheel. The front wheel wobbled so bad that it started shaking the whole stroller as if we were having a mini earthquake. Not exactly what I was expecting when taking my tiny bundle of joy for a relaxing, I mean jostling, walk. It was so bad I didn’t even make it out of the driveway. My husband always finds a way to fix things, so I had him look at it, confident this was no big deal. I was wrong, it couldn’t be fixed. I thought surely Toys R us or Baby Trend would exchange it for one with a working wheel, after all I had just used it for the first time and it didn’t work. Wrong again- I was told that I couldn’t exchange or return it even though I had the receipt and the registry showing my name, the product and when it when it was purchased. Why you ask? Because I didn’t keep the box-For Real. Since I waited to use it until a month after she was born, too much time had passed without having the box it came in=This all comes down to cardboard. Now I get that keeping the box is smart in theory but when you have been inundated with baby gear, the box is huge and have proof of purchase, why is this necessary? It shouldn’t be…LAME. Basically I was informed that at this point no box=you keep the jacked up stroller = Good luck with that new mommy. Awesome

So what do I do now? The front wheel has a lock on it, i believe for running, so I have to leave that locked, meaning I can’t turn the front wheel-Ever. Inconvenient to say the least. Since this puppy was $230 and babies cost a small fortune, I can’t exactly just run out and get a new one, so this is what I continue to deal with.


  • The cupholders at the top and on the tray are really convenient
  • Jogging style stroller makes for a much easier ride
  • Storage at the bottom is helpful
  • Infant carrier worked as it said
  • Easy to get baby in and out


  • Front wheel design is poor to say the least-it wobbles to the point that you can’t push it
  • Speakers are lame, you can get the same sound quality by putting your phone in the cupholder to amplify it
  • Neither Babies R Us or BabyTrend would exchange it even though I had paperwork and this was clearly a manufacturing issue
  • Adjustable canopy could stand to be larger. While it works, it doesn’t block a whole lot. Plus there is a screen at the top of the canopy that I use for ventilation and to see my baby while the we’re strolling but there is no way to keep that screen open…I have to clamp it open with a hair clip-Another flaw.

In a nutshell, I’ve been incredibly disappointed with this stroller, Babies R us and Baby Trend. I still can’t believe that they wouldn’t exchange it, especially since there was paperwork and plenty of other customer complaints regarding the very same issue. After doing some more research after the fact, I realized that numerous customers had the very same issue with this stroller. A few were lucky enough to get theirs exchanged, I was not so I still deal with this hell on wheels stroller every day. I give this a solid thumbs down and wouldn’t recommend this…Ever. I actually am going to give the companies a thumbs down too, for their poor customer service regarding this issue. I truly hope that this is not a regular problem with them, I’d like to think that I just happened to talk to a couple of people who aren’t familiar with customer service or are having a really off day. I always try to get people the benefit of the doubt, but come on…this is just stupid. Get it together Babies R Us and Baby Trend. After all, we’re talking about the comfort of babies, hello?

(See I told ya if I didn’t like something I’d tell ya, RAWR…I don’t like this At. All)

I hope that by the time I’m ready for #2 I can find a quality stroller that won’t leave me feeling disappointed. (Pst If anyone has recommendations please let me know. I’m not about to waste over $200 again!)

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  1. its baby time
    September 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm (4 years ago)

    Looks like a great product; Thanks for sharing! Carol

  2. its baby time
    September 3, 2013 at 4:51 pm (4 years ago)

    Great post and love your reviews. Thanks for sharing this?