Awesome camera hack for child photography

kittycamera2 When taking my kids photos, trying to get a smile outta my “threenager” can be a chore somedays. It’s almost as if she has a different definition of the word “SMILE” and thinks it means the following: look at the ground, look at the sky, cross your eyes, flash your belly or simply run away. Thankfully, there is a way I can at least get her attention and a willing smile (for a short while), thanks to this camera “hack”.

You may have seen a similar prop that some photographers and fellow “mommarazzi’s” use, called camera creatures. They are basically a stuffed animal that goes around the lens to get children to look at the camera, but they cost about $20 on the lower end. Sure, that’s not gonna bust your budget, but if you’re looking for a super easy & incredibly inexpensive way to get their attention, this hack will do it.

***I put a Pez dispenser on my camera hotshoe!*****

Why this is awesome:

  • Costs about $2
  • SUPER easy, the Pez “foot” is the exact same size as your camera’s hotshoe. Almost instant “hack”
  • You can choose a variety of different characters (it’s fun to actually choose them WITH your child to get them involved) for a fraction of the cost of 1 “camera creature”
  • It works; at the very least for a few shots so get to ‘snappin’


Let’s get into how easy this is.

  • First, you’ll want to pickup a pez dispenser; my daughter is a sucker for Hello Kitty so we picked up one of these when we were at the store together & she was already excited about it.
    The “Foot” of the dispenser is actually too big to fit on the hotshoe, so we need to flip it around. I’ve seen a similar post in the past where they used an exacto knife to cut the feet off (here’s a post on that) . For me, just cutting it with scissors & flipping around is the method I use.


  • Pull dispenser up all the way & cut it off at the very bottom using scissors¬†
  • FLIP THE “FEET”: Flip around & push all the way down (You can glue in place if you want, but I don’t)


  • Slide into hotshoe
  • Instead of the same ol’ “SMILE”, you can be a bit of a spaz like myself & make the character talk (or rap “I’m hello kitttyyyy, now smile for meeee”) & voila, a natural smile. Who cares if they’re laughing AT you as long as they’re laughing or smiling right?

Happy Snappin’


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