All Natural Beauty, Health & Cleaning chart

1173721_663172090362256_939930696_n I use these items for seemingly 1000 things. What’s so awesome is that you buy 1 thing, Baking Soda for example, which doesn’t cost that much but you can it can be used for SO many things. (I buy the biggest bag they have at Sams Club and it’lll last forever)
From beauty products, to natural remedies to cleaning products these all natural products really work, will save you money and are totally safe to use-WIN!
Found this handy dandy chart at EdibleHarmony. If you haven’t checked out her site before, you should. She shares healthy recipes, natural living and health information. ┬áThe chart is from TheHomesteadSurvival; a site that has some great gardening, home tips and more.
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