Adorable Keepsake Snowflake Ornament using childs fingerprint!


Create this adorable snowflake & snowman keepsake ornament using your childs fingerprints!

My mom, a retired grade school teacher, never ceases to amaze me when it comes to fun craft ideas that kids will love & parents will appreciate. Today, i’m sharing this cute ornament that she showed my sister and I (along with our kids) how to make over Thanksgiving. I loved the experience so much that I’m sharing her tutorial with you; these are so fun to make as a family, plus I’m a sucker for any type of keepsake that involves Harper & Henry :)

I’m going to get right into how to make these, there are a few steps but with some prep it’s really no big deal to put these together.

Supplies Needed: 

  • Salt Dough (click HERE for my recipe, but any recipe will do. )
  • Small Cup (to cut out the dough in circles)
  • Clothespins (6 per ornament)
  • Glue-I used “Tacky Glue” but you can use super glue, gorilla glue etc. I’m not sure how well hot glue will hold up, so I’d advise something a bit stronger
  • Craft Paint & Small Paintbrush (white for the snowman & snowflake, any color you’d like for the rest)
  • Sharpie
  • Ribbon/Twine
  • Freezer/Parchment Paper
  • Disposable Plate (optional)

Prep: Before making the salt dough, my mom already had the clothespins prepped. To do this, just take the metal part out, paint them white, let them dry & glue back together without the metal piece. (more photos below)


Harper was super excited to make the dough

  • Next you’ll want to make the salt dough. As mentioned above, this is the recipe and instructions I use. This recipe makes alot of dough (you can cut in half if you’d like, you won’t need much for this & will have enough leftover for handprint ornaments etc)
  • Roll the dough out on parchment/freezer paper (not really thin, you want it to hold up) & make circles using a small cup.
  • Tear the parchment paper under the dough circles away & put in front of each child with their name on it. 
  • Make the snowman: Press the thumb for the bottom circle, then middle finger, then the pointer for the top. I then used something pointy, corn holders to be exact (haha) to poke holds around the snowman to look like snow, but that’s optional


I applied pressure on top of her fingers to make sure we got a good print 



At this point, you’ll have enough dough to make handprint ornaments as well if you choose; if you only want to make this ornament I’d suggest cutting the dough recipe at least in half. After we made the snowmen, we then started on the handprint ornaments & I made a “special” ornament for my parents which I’ll show at the end.



  • After you’re done with all the dough, put in the oven to bake. I set mine to 250degrees & baked the snowmen for 2 hours & the handprints for almost 3 (they’re pretty thick) 


Snowflake: You’ve already prepped the snowflake by taking the metal out, painting them white & gluing back together. While the dough is cooking, you can finish up the snowflake.

  • Put some parchment/freezer paper down first. 
  • Put some glue in a disposable plate or bowl & dip the end of each clothespin in the glue, then place on the parchment. Do this 6 times until you have formed a snowflake shape.

img_2344 img_2357

  • Give plenty of time to dry; we just let these sit while the salt dough snowmen were cooking.

Final Steps: 

  • After the dough is finished & cool, it’s time to paint! Harper wanted hers to be a colorful, so we painted the background a glittery purple & then snowman white. For Henry’s, we just kept it dough colored & colored in the snowman.
  • Snowman: just paint each fingerprint white & allow to dry. I then took a fine tip sharpie to fill in the rest (for the nose & arms I used a gold sharpie).
  • Snowflake-Once glue is dry, peel paper away from the back (a little will be left behind on the back where the ends meet). Then Apply the same glue to the back of the snowman (once the paint is dry) and glue on top of the snowflake.
  • Once glue is set, you can string twine or ribbon through the hole of the clothespins so you can hang it.


img_2841 img_2813 We just love the way these turned out, but more importantly we had so much fun making these together as a family; my mom, my sister and our kiddos…sure to be a memory we’ll appreciate each year when we take the ornaments out and hang them.

If you use the full recipe, you’ll have alot of dough to work with, as we did, so we went ahead and made handprint ornaments also, as it’s a yearly tradition. I’m SO glad I do this with them every year, it’s truly shocking how much they grow each year, which is evident when looking back at their little prints (do.not.cry)

Hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!

Until next time,


Oh yes and that bonus ornament I made my parents, meet “Hairy Holidays” ;) Yes, I’m a spaz but I simply cannot miss an opportunity to catch my parents by surprise. You’re welcome family ;)  Hairy isn’t that good looking but he’s definitely a conversation starter on their beautifully decorated tree


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