9 Foods you shouldn’t eat and why I quit them

Before I share the “9 Foods You Should Never Eat” , I want to tell you why I’m sharing it.

1151013_84699475 *While I feel great, I cannot, nor do I plan to try, to jump all over the place about it..I’m far too accident prone for that ;)

Over the past year, I have completely changed my diet after having chronic issues like migraines, not being able to lose weight though I was eating what I thought were “healthy, boxed weight loss meals” and generally feeling super tired. So, I began mindfully reading labels & researching what’s really in the food I was eating and was shocked by the amount of junk that was in food that I’d thought was healthy. I fell into the marketing trap: pictures of vegetables/fruits and feel good marketing words like natural, whole grains, REAL & health and instead I found lots of artificial additives,unnecessary dyes, sweeteners and just “BS” fake junk in general.

So, I went cold turkey breaking up with some of my favorites: no mo’ of those handy microwave meals, snack bars & diet soda/drinks.(Actually many foods labeled Diet are terrible…for reals)  Like a bad relationship,  threw them out…kicked them to the curb and started over trying my best to eat lean meats, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and …whole foods in general. But I’m also realistic, I LOVE making nachos (they’re so freakin’ good) and what girl doesn’t crave chocolate? I allow myself to eat those things, just not all the time, and when I buy things like that, I read the labels and buy the brand with the least amount of junk in it. With chocolate…heck I just buy it and eat it but remember all in moderation.

Since making the switch, I feel so much better: I lost that weight & kept it off, have more energy & just generally feel better…. so much better that I now feel compelled to share health related information that I have found useful with my readers & will do more of it in the future. Am I a Dr? Heck no and I don’t pretend to be BUT I am an everyday gal who:

  •  frequently felt like crap
  • seemed to get sick all the time & had chronic migraines
  • had little energy
  • tried every diet trying to lose some fluff and none of them really kept it off

who now shops mindfully avoiding as many processed foods as I can and

  • feel MUCH better
  • lost 15 lbs (through a natural, dr supervised weight loss plan) and KEPT it off
  •  more energy
  • no regularly recurring migraines

9 Foods You Should Never Eat 
comp-bred1 Photo from RawforBeauty

So onto the post I’m sharing:
9 Foods You Should Never Eat Again by Raw for Beauty

Updated: Here is an interesting post from a fellow blogger that includes 9 “Healthy” foods that you shouldn’t eat. Click HERE to read

Do what you will, no judgement here, but I felt compelled to share what I have learned over the past year and will continue to share my healthy living tips & recipes I have come to live by as well as other interesting articles like this one from Raw for Beauty.

*As I said, I’m not a healthcare professional so before doing anything drastic it’s always good to consult your dr, though I don’t think eating healthy and substituting fake food for real is drastic-just sayin’

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PS: This is a sassy picture I had taken after I lost the weight. Am I a size 2? Nope. Do I plan to be? Nope. I feel REALLY good being slimmed down a bit and having my energy & health back and that’s good enough for me.
Big thanks to JFortune Photography for taking this. She’s so fun to work with & I’ll be sharing more of her great work soon. My only request in regards to this photo: I wanted to ditch the sweater & not look too “mom like”. I love being a mom but heck, sometimes I wanna wear skinny pants, high heels and feel hot for a minute but only for a minute cause when I get home it’s fluffy slipper time.
Momasaurus is Keepin’ it real folks


2 Comments on 9 Foods you shouldn’t eat and why I quit them

  1. Janice Ralls
    February 21, 2014 at 9:49 pm (4 years ago)

    Very good article. Im sure thats my problem is understanding labels. I do eat alot of frozen smart ones or other low calorie portion control food in freezer at work. I’m pretty sure their not as smart as they claim. Im stuck on same weight for a year.

  2. April Harris (@apriljharris)
    February 25, 2014 at 10:34 am (4 years ago)

    Excellent post with some very good advice! Eating well (with the odd treat thrown in from time to time) can make such a difference. Great picture – you look wonderful!!