5 SECOND Shredded Chicken

SHREDDEDCHICKENHACK If you make anything with shredded chicken, you’re gonna want to remember this trick. My method for making shredded chicken is SUPER fast, saves money & is healthier than buying canned chicken. I have a Kitchenmaid mixer and use it for like a 1000 things & this is one of them (don’t have a Kitchenaid? No prob any stand mixer would be fine). If you like chicken salad, BBQ chicken, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, tacos etc then TRY THIS!!! Have I convinced you yet? Good…onto the steps


That’s it, for real. Boil-Drain-Mix for 5 Seconds…..BAM!¬†After I’ve shredded it, I just use what I need & put the rest into the FreezerSafe, BPA free tupperware containers so I’ll have it on hand anytime I need it.


1 Comment on 5 SECOND Shredded Chicken

  1. Christine Everyday
    October 13, 2015 at 7:12 pm (2 years ago)

    This is worth buying a stand mixer just for this! I prefer shredded chicken in recipes but it just takes so long!