5 minute curls; no heat curl and headband updo tutorial

styles I haven’t used my curling wand, curling iron…..anything to curl my hair other than this method in 8 months because this technique works so well! With this tutorial, you can create long, lasting, no heat curls with just 5 minutes of prep and a little beauty rest (or a hairdryer if you wanna do this during the day)

I also show you how to create a really quick updo using an elastic headband; making your morning hair routine just 5 minutes…without looking like it.
I stumbled upon this by accident; I had an elastic headband on one way & the ends of my hair were looking shabby so I just started tucking them under into the band. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror when I realized that doing that created this really easy updo. Even better, when I took out the band at the end of the day, I had awesome curls with no effort! And so these demos were born. You actually get a total of 3 looks out of this video:

  • Easy headband updo
  • Day to Night look (updo transforming into curls)
  • Long Lasting No Heat curls

I seriously don’t do my hair any other way now; this is SOOO much easier than faster than anything else I’ve ever tried. Better yet, it lasts so much longer. I have very fine hair; a few drop of rain and any curl from my curling wand would be gone in an instant…but not with this. Actually the other day we had high winds and torrential rains and though it lost a little bounce, my curls were still there at the end of the night!
Try this out for yourself; in my opinion this is the best bedhead you’ll ever have!!!

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