5 DIY Spa Treatments

tumblr_m9u46svFnd1ql2uvyo1_500 Since I no longer get the beauty rest I desperately need,  I now rely on beauty treatments to make me look acceptable. In addition to my own DIY budget beauty tips, I’m always looking for new, inventive ones from others and I found these DIY Spa Treatments from BackOnPointe that I wanted to share. I’ve used the scrub recipes in the past & they work well. Looking forward to trying the others soon; this momma needs a spa day in the worst way…even if it is at home. Now, I just need to find a good lock for the bathroom door so I can get at least 10 minutes of alone time, now THAT is a luxury my friends ;)
Happy Wednesday….only 2 more days till the weekend…yes, I’m already counting down!


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