30% off Kohls & Free Shipping

kohls Attention Kohls Shoppers, I have 2 great coupon codes for you to use on Kohls.com (You need a ¬†Kohls card to be eligible for the discounts). Even better, these coupons can be used together, so you can get 30% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING. In addition to saving some serious $, you also get $10 in Kohls cash for every $5o spent. Can you guess what I’ll be doing on my lunch break today? That’s right, I’m going to get that new shirt/outfit/jewelry/shoes I said I deserved after discovering my DIY closet dehumidifier tip. Perfect excuse right?

Here are the codes:

  1. Save 30% off your order,  even on clearance items, by using code: SHOPNSAVE
  2. Get free shipping off your order by using code: WESHIPFREE

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