3 Iced Coffee Recipes You’ll Love a Latte

ICEDCOFFEE Today, I’m sharing 3 really easy ways to make iced coffee using Kcups or brewed coffee that are a fraction of what you’ll pay at the coffee shop. (Just $.60 VS $3 each if using Kcup!)  It’s no secret that I love my coffee; I’ve said it before that my steady stream of delicious java is what gives me my personality and it enables me to 1000 things at once.

Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve switched from hot coffee to iced coffee. The only bummer I’ve experienced with iced coffee in the past is that it gets watered down by the ice cubes..until now!

Check out my quick 2 minute video tutorial where I demo 3 different ways you can make Iced Coffee at home without it getting watered down! Being your own Barista has never been easier!

Recipe #1 Basic Iced Coffee

  • Brew a cup of coffee
    (I use a Keurig so I just make a large cup using a Kcup but you can just pour a cup that’s around 10 ounces. I buy the big box of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, making each cup about $.56)
  • Put in the fridge or freezer to cool down– I leave in there for about 30 minutes; you just don’t want it so hot that it’ll melt the cubes or it will end up watered down
  • Once chilled, just fill glass with ice, add the coffee, sweeter of choice & milk to taste. 
    Note: The ingredients I use specifically are Green Mountain Kcups, Stevia in the Raw, 2% Milk.

Recipe # 2 Iced Latte with Coffee Cubes (this version is my favorite & most used) For this recipe, you’ll need to make Coffee Cubes in advance

Goof Proof Iced Coffee

Goof Proof Iced Coffee

Coffee Cube Instructions:

  • PreChill 1-2 cups of coffee
  • When Chilled, just pour coffee into ice cube trays & freeze.
    Note: If using a Kcup, I just use the same Kcup twice, the 1st time for my morning coffee & I run it a 2nd time to make the coffee cubes that way you’re making the most of the Kcup!
    If you make a pot of coffee, just use any leftover coffee from the pot to make your coffee cubes; don’t want that precious java to go to waste anyway right?

Coffee Recipe:

  • Fill large glass 1/2 way full with coffee iced cubes
  • Add sugar, sweetener or flavored syrup to taste (I use 2 Sugar in the Raw packets)
  • Pour large cup of coffee (10 oz or 1Kcup) over ice-You don’t have to wait for it to cool, unless you want it really chilled.
  • Add Milk or Creamer to taste (I just use 2% milk)


Recipe # 3-Milk Cubes
This recipe is exactly like recipe #2 except you’re using Milk rather than coffee for the cubes.

  • Pour milk or cream into ice cube trays in advance & freeze

Recipe for the Iced Latte is the same as above; I actually like to fill my cup with 1/2 coffee cubes and 1/2 milk cubes but you can use them separately of course.

Note: The milk’s texture changes slightly when frozen; which doesn’t bother me & it’s not really noticeable I just felt like pointing that out.


Let’s Get Fancy! 

  • Use flavored coffee, coffee syrups or creamer to make this extra delicious.
  • Add some whipped cream at the top (I prefer RediWhip)
  • Add some chocolate to the top; you can just grate a small piece of chocolate

Feeling like a barista yet?

I hope you like this recipe a “latte”


6 Comments on 3 Iced Coffee Recipes You’ll Love a Latte

  1. Alice in EW{The Owl's Skull}
    May 16, 2013 at 10:29 am (5 years ago)

    I’m making these the next time my sister-in-law comes over!! She loves iced coffee:)! Thanks for linking up at the Owl’s Skull:). Much love, J

    • Momasaurus
      May 16, 2013 at 10:31 am (5 years ago)

      Thank you for hosting a fabulous party, loving all the great ideas. Hope your sis in law likes it :)

  2. Elisa (@uuueeeccc)
    October 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm (4 years ago)

    this looks yummy <3 I need to try it!

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