25 Genius Upcycled Projects; wow so smart!


I love a good Trash to Treasure Project; spending next to nothing to create something useful is awesome.
Good Housekeeping has a great roundup of 26 upcycle projects, many of which are very creative. Below, I’ve included the pictures of the most impressive projects in their list in my opinion. Click HERE to view all 25 projects or the images below to visit the corresponding post.

I’ve seen these crates at Walmart for a few dollars and always thought they’d make a great DIY project, I just wasn’t sure for what exactly (there are a ton of things you could use these for) but this use very cool and unexpected.

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Oh my gosh, i’ve never seen an old entertainment cabinet look this adorable. I mean, honestly…Sophie is one lucky little girl because this kitchen is the bomb and the parents are so smart; a play kitchen that isn’t hideous? WIN you geniuses!

54fe91b8c8274-kichen-unit-before-de 54fe91b90a920-entertainment-center-kitchen-de In past posts, I’ve shared my love for accessories and my continuous quest to keep them organized so I can view all of my lovely pieces. This one is so smart; flipping a Rod Rack into a holder for your sunglasses.



My kiddos aren’t yet at the age where I need one of these BUT this is so darn creative. I’m definitely adding this to pinterest for the future. Legos never looked so good (and organized, yea!)



Dang, Fido just got a MAJOR upgrade. This is so stinking cool and it all came from an old TV!

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