20 Terrifying Facts Food Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Happy Tuesday !

I ran across this post, 20 Terrifying Food Facts, and I felt compelled to share with you; it’s interesting, kinda entertaining & scary all at the same time. They share some surprising info about what we’re eating, for example:

  • Yogurt: A snack that “good” for you right? No exactly. Yogurt has twice as much sugar per serving than Lucky Charms! (Holy Hell!)
  • Baby Food has as much, if not more, saturated fats and sugar as junk food
  • Many companies using Red & Yellow in their logos/marketing because those colors are appetite simulators

Please know I’m not judging, I love snacks myself (After all they prevent me from turning into a complete T-Rex when my blood sugar is low) but I do think it’s wise to at least know what it is that you’re eating. For the remaining 18 facts, click HEREĀ 

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Article by Cracked.com

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