17 Ways to reuse old candle jars plus how how remove the wax!


Recently I shared a candle lighter “hack” (how to light a burned down candle without a candle lighter) & while I already had candles on the brain, I began thinking about what can be done with the jars after the candle is burned all the way down. There are some pretty creative ways you can reuse those jars; they can be transformed into some seasonal candle holders, colored vases & they’re perfect for storing toiletries & beauty supplies. Below, I’ve compiled 17 DIY’s that you could use on those old glass candle jars & they’re all pretty darn easy to do, no martha stewart skills needed folks!

But before we get into all the things you can make with them, what about that pesky wax at the bottom? No worries, I’ve found a tutorial showing how you can get rid of any wax remnants without a lot of effort via Yellow Brick Home.¬†

Now you can enjoy those lovely candle scents while they’re burning & appreciate the fab (and free) jars later, win-win!



You’d never know these used to be candle jars; how cute are these ideas?


These are perfect for storing all sorts of little items (art supplies, treats etc)  without looking junky. Candle jars can also be transformed into apothecary jars that can be used for baking supplies, toiletries or beauty items.

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