17 Nail Polish Tips You GOTTA Try

POLISHTRICKS Our hands (and therefore our nails) are out there all the time: Whether it’s swiping our credit cards, sipping coffee or telling an amazing story using your hands (I’m totally guilty of that) ..they’re on display whether we like it or not, so why not flash people a fab manicure?
Now, don’t let me fool you, today, I’m sans polish=sans fabulous..which is what inspired me to gather these tips together. Professional manicures look awesome, but with all the great tips & tricks out there, you can create faux-salon nails right at home using everyday items for a fraction of the cost-yea! Even better, most of these tips are perfect even for those, who like myself, are novice nail artists (I’m just a downright clutz, but even I manage these) Enjoy these 17 total tips that will make home manicures a breeze!



Fun Nail Art with Sharpies: – (via TheBeauty Department)


Matte Nails? Marvelous! – (via BecomeGorgeous


DIY Gel Nails without the lamp! – (Via Hairspray&Highheels)


Paint like a pro! – (via Lacquerized)


DIY French Manicure using a rubber band- (via PaperRaindrops)


 Easy Peel off Glitter Polish – (Via Wakilaki)


7 ways to dry nail polish quickly – (via Wikihow)


Re-Open polish that’s dried shut – (via DailyMakeover)


Unstick polish bottle – (via Polish Insomniac)

unstick bottle

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