10 EASY DIY Mothers Day Gifts under $10

MOTHERSDAY Mothers Day is just a few days away, so if you’re needing a quick gift idea you’re in luck. I’ve put together 10 of my favorite DIY’s that would be great gifts for mom (and have added a link below to 25 additional great gift ideas). All of these DIY’s cost under $10 (most of them just a few dollars to make) but they certainly don’t look cheap! (Pst..added bonus of being a rockstar child for actually making a gift) No worries if you aren’t super crafty- no Martha Stewart skills are needed for my DIY’s;  I keep them short & sweet-using just a few materials & a few steps. If you have 30 minutes over the next few days, try one (or several) of these, mom is sure to love them :) Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow Mommas out there!

  1.  Thumbprint Keepsake Necklace
  2.  All Natural Whipped Body Butter
  3. Childs Silhouette Portrait
  4. Canvas Print 
  5. Coffee Scrub (for face & body)
  6. Lotion Bars
  7. Lip & Body Scrub Recipes 
  8. Relaxing Detox Bath
  9. Child’s Artwork Sharpie Mug
  10. Handprint Keepsake Artwork  


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Need a few more ideas? Check out this post from CrazyLittleProjects which has 25 Mothers Day Gift Ideas.

Surely one of these 35 total ideas will work right? Happy (early) Mothers Day Everyone!

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